Budget Project

Made By: Christopher Wymer

I will be attending college at Ohio State University

in college i will be getting my bachelors degree (4 years). My plans when i get older is to be a game designer and my house is going to be on high state Columbus OH (Ohio). The average degree for a game designer is bachelors degree and my position is salary.

My Yearly Income is 70,000$

My monthly gross income is 5833.333$, my icome tax is 17,500 and my monthly net income is 4375$

My Transportation Is A Dodge Charger R/T

A dodge charger R/T cost 23,955$ my monthly payment is 400$ monthly. The car insurance Im using is geico the monthly cost of geico is 200$ and the average cost of gas per month is 200$, so the total cost of transportation is 800$.

The Hole Cost Of My House Is 160k$

The monthly cost of my house is 888$ monthly im going to be using AEP Ohio for my electricity the price per kilo wat is 7cents so the monthly cost is 84$. For my water im using TheCityOfColubus the monthly cost is 27.14$. For my internet im using AT&T its not a bundle of cables the monthly cost is 40$, and for my insurance i have ADT and it works for theft, monthly cost is 1074.14$

Avarge spent on grocires is 360.84$

For my phone im plans going to be with AT&T with 6gb of data cost is 30$ per month. Clothing avrage cost is 150$.For internet im going to buy a TV a Computer a Phone A Console Games witch avarge is 513$.

My Family

For my plan im going to be married with 2 children. My childs care is Baby century the monthly cost is 300$ to 1568$. And the Health Insurance is UHC the monthly cost of that is 328$.