CCMS Weekly

November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday

Tomorrow is December.....let the panic begin.

Upcoming Events

12/4 Student Assembly

Dr. Stephen Birchak will be here to speak to our students about "The Three Keys of Character".

Grade 8 8:30-9:30

Grade 7 9:45-10:45

Grade 5 11:45-1

Grade 6 1:15-2:15

Staff please escort your students to the auditorium and stay with them. Teachers who have a class during the second period only must meet their classes in the auditorium at the start of the period. Grade six students should be packed up to go home before coming down to the auditorium.

12/10 Hour of Code

Students will be able to visit the C-9 Lab during their study hall to take part in The Hour of Code run by Keith Baisley. Students will be able to get a pass from their math teachers.

12/18 Staff Holiday Party

Please see the announcements for more info.

12/21 CCHS Holiday Caroling at the Middle School

CCMS 7/8 Band, Chorus and Orchestra Students Period 2 in the Auditorium

9:30 Caroling in the 5th and 6th grade wing

News & Notes


Please be sure if you are putting in for a sub on a day with no students you indicate "No Sub". If there is a half day of school for students you will need to enter the absence twice. Please enter 1/2 day AM with a sub and 1/2 day PM "No Sub".

Reminder: How to make a live page

As a reminder, in the event of a significant emergency all building phones can be used for a live page. To make a live page from any phone dial 4777. When it asks for a log-in enter 8009#. When they ask for a password enter 8009#. When you hear the tone the page is live. In the event of a lockdown situation you will say "This is ______________, the building is now in a lockdown." This will allow us to have a better idea of where there is an issue.


Please be reminded that all doors are to remain in the locked position at all times.

Photos for the Budget Flyer

Mr. Congelli from the BOE has asked for staff to send him pictures throughout the year that would be appropriate for the budget flyer. The photo should be students engaged in a school related activity and include the students names. He can be emailed at

Links of the Week