Characteristic of Good Information



This means that the information is valid and can be proven because there are things to back it up. Valid info should be unbiased, representative and should also be verified.


Can the information and data be relied upon. Can the source where the information is coming from be trusted because if not it is not reliable.


Can the information be accessed at any time. The info needs to be available whenever it is needed and not after it is needed because it makes sense to have it available at the time of need and not after.

Fit for Purpose-

Was the information solely provided for the purpose that you are using it for? The information has to be relevant for the purpose and the thing you need it for and not irrelevant to the purpose that information is being used for.


The data which you have, you must be able to do calculations with it. The data must be easy accessible and must be able to be accessed at any time. Data which you have collected needs to be data which calculations can happen too.

Cost Effective-

The cost of capturing the data as well as producing it should cost less than the value of decisions which are made upon the data. The data should be effective as well as productive for the cost of it, if it costs more then it should be more effective and productive than the lesser cost data.


Data must be accurate over wise it is giving you false information and information which may not be true. Accurate data makes it reliable. Some accuracy on data can be lost when the data is transferred from paper base onto a computer system, this can be lost by silly things such as mis-typing or even errors when scanning the data.


Data and info must be relevant. Data is relevant when it is appropriate or connected to the matter which is being discussed.