Charlie Gordon

Two lives in two months.

Before the operation

Achieving / Motivated

Before the operation, Charlie was achieving and motivated to become smart.

The text states "he said I had a good motor-vation" (Keyes 36).

This show’s he’s achieving because Dr. Strauss complemented Charlie about him being motivated and achieving.


Charlie was also very naive.

“I said all my friends are smart people but they're good. They like me and they never did anything that wasn’t nice” (Keyes 42).

This show’s he’s naive because he doesn’t realize that his friends are making fun of him when he's talking about them.

After the operation

Became smarter

“You are already a better reader than I am” (Keyes 47).

Miss Kinnian knows that Charlie is already smarter than her and better at reading than she is.

Fast learner

In the course of a few weeks, Charlie learnt tons of new things.

“I was shocked to learn that the only ancient languages he could read were Latin, Greek and Hebrew..” (Keyes 51).

Charlie was able to learn tons of new languages and he’s annoyed at the fact that

Dr. Strauss only knows three.