Migrant Workers

What life was like being a 1930s migrant worker.

What were migrant workers during the great depressions?

Well, a migrant workers were people who moved from place to place to get work. They did this for money and a better life.

Why were there so many migrant workers in the 1930s?

There were so many migrant workers in the 1930s because of the dust bowl. The dust bowl destroyed almost all of the jobs in the west. In order to make money, people traveled to California for much needed jobs.
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Traveling as a migrant worker.

Migrant workers needed an efficient way to travel westward into the California. The way they traveled west was along Route 66. This route traveled from Chicago, Illinois all the way to Los Angles, California.

Where did most Migrant Workers end up living?

Most Migrant Workers ended up living in California because California advertised a perfect climate and an abundance of work in the agricultural industry. Oklahoma was also a very popular place to live and Migrant Workers from there were called "Okies". Some other states that were popular to live in were Oregon and Washington.

What types of jobs could Migrant Workers have?

Most Migrant Workers worked in the fields with agriculture, but some had the chance to be entrepreneurs and have their own businesses such as; barbershops, grocery stores, or even restaurants. Most other Migrant Workers that weren't fieldworkers or entrepreneurs were fruit packers.
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