Seattle University's EcoChallenge

Monday, March 31-Sunday, April 27

What is the EcoChallenge?

Seattle University’s EcoChallenge is an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to raise their awareness and adopt new habits to sustain a healthy and just planet. In 4 weeks, you will challenge yourself to learn, do, advocate for and share what you’ve learned in a 4 person team. Each week has a different theme. It doesn’t matter if you’re an eco-novice or an eco-expert, be a part of this amazing commitment to our community and future. Prizes to be won!

Why Participate?

Fun: Learning and doing things with friends is more fun than by yourself.
Prizes: Collect points for participating and you might win a prize.
Inspiration: With so many things that need to be changed, it can be overwhelming. We inspire you with knowledge and new habits you can adopt.
Community: Connect with others who are taking on the EcoChallenge through the Facebook page. Together we can inspire each other and be a force for change.
Accomplishment: Now is your chance to give a new habit a shot—you may find it’s easier than you imagined. We encourage you to share what you’re learning and doing with your teammates, friends and family.
Challenge: The EcoChallenge is an opportunity to raise your awareness and adopt new habits that make progress toward an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable future.

How to Register

- Create a team of 4! Teams of 4 can consist of all students, all faculty or staff, or a combination of students, faculty and staff.

- Select a team captain.

- The team captain must register your team below before Tuesday, April 1.

Sponsored By

President's Committee for Sustainability, Office of Sustainability, Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability, SU Eco-Alliance, Housing and Residence Life, and Commuter and Transfer Student Life