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Isabella Tasser

Earthquake PBL

30 Hands Project

This project was about global warming, and what we could do to try and stop it. By doing the 30 Hands project, I learned a lot about global warming and the greenhouse effect. For example, I learned about what caused global warming, and how the greenhouse effect took place. I also learned about how humans were contributing to global warming, and if the temperatures continued to rise, what the consequences would be. My favorite part about this project was researching the information needed to complete this project. I learned a lot more than I would have if we didn't do this project and did a regular unit on global warming like we did when we learned about plate tectonics.

Invention Convention

For this project, I worked with a partner. The environmental problem we were trying to solve was the amount of lead that was getting into the drinking water. To solve this problem, we made a lead filter. Even though this had already been invented, we decided to innovate it so it would be smaller and easier to install in your pipes. We also had a separate pipe that collected the lead that was separated from the water and that pipe would bring the lead back to factories to be made into something new like paint. Our innovation worked to solve the global problem of lead in drinking water because we made a filter that would get the lead out of the water. Our innovation was powered by hydroelectric water flow, and once the water was clean, it would go directly to the source where it was needed, whether it be the sink or the shower or even the toilet.
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Extra Credit

My favorite unit was the earthquakes unit. I really liked doing the Earthquake PBL because it was an amazing and enlightening hands-on experience! We had to build a house for Tony Stark that would survive an "earthquake" (really two trays with marbles in the middle and our house was taped on the top tray) for 10 seconds. We had a limited amount of materials and we couldn't use tape or glue to hold our project together. This was my favorite project, as well as my favorite part of the actual earthquakes unit. We got to act like real engineers. We had to map out where the safest spot to build Tony Stark's house would be, and we also got to design the house on paper. Then, we would compare notes with our team to see what the best design would be. After that, we built and tested all of the houses. Our's was one of the most stable, and hardly even moved when we tested it. This was, by far, my favorite unit in science this year!