Treasure Island

By: Robert Louis Stevenson


This book is about the story of young JIm Hawkins, as he goes looking for the treasure of Captain Flint. To help him accoplish this feat he gets help from Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney and a few local buccaneers including Long John Silver.

Book Review

This book was one of the better classical books that I have read throughout my life. It had a couple of good twists in the book. Its an interesting tale of pirates and their mutiny. It is a good book for book reports mainly because it is short and very easy to read.

Favorite Passage

"Pew made another dash, now utterly bewildered, right under the nearest of the coming horses. The rider tried to save him, but in vain. Down went Pew with a cry that rang high into the night; and the four hoofs trampled and spurned him and passed by. He fell on his side, then gently collapsed upon his face, and moved no more."


Jim Hawkins- The main character a young lad looking for Captain Flint's treasure. Narrator in the story and is the protagonist

Long John Silver- One legged pirate that becomes the main antagonist

Captain Smollet- Captain of the ship that they took to search for the treasure

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