Traits Of A Perfect Marriage Card For Indian Weddings

Marriage in India is considered as the union that is ‘made in heaven’. In India, it is a physical, mental and spiritual communion of two souls. Primarily here in this country, marriage is not only the togetherness of the two individuals but two families as well. Marriage has more of a social significance where the ceremonies are observed much before the wedding. And, marriage card is one of the foremost things to ponder over. It is probably the first step of preparation in almost all the Indian weddings.

Most of all, Indian marriage is identical to some superbly designed invitation cards that not only talks about the ‘what’s’, ‘when’s’ and ‘where’s’ of the marriage but also have emotions attached to it. The chief thing that comes in mind, as and when, we talk about the Indian wedding invitation cards is the typical cultural extravaganza. This is the most prominent factor of the design of wedding invites with a delicate mix of modernity and tradition.

Let’s scroll a bit and have a look at the traits of a perfect marriage card for Indian weddings:

That Religious Touch
“Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha,
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvadaa”

If you have ever noticed the Indian marriage invitation cards, these are salutary notes that borrowed from the holy books (above-written shlok is an instance). This is a ‘shlok’ that is there in Hindu mythology and is related to Lord Ganesha. These lines are just right there at the very beginning of the invitation card. It is believed that Lord Ganesha is the remover of disturbance and ailment. With this, Ganesha is requested to vanishing all the obstacles and hindrances that might disturb the wedding.

Bottom Line: Before actually writing anything religious in a wedding card, it is better to take into account, the beliefs and practices of the couple.

Shape, Size, and Color: Play With Them
Although a 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card is the traditional one, but you can surely play with the size according to your taste. Make it circular, scalloped or square invitations with the perfect blend of what in trend respecting the modern vibes. Apart from this, think creatively about the colors. You can go for ivory, cream or white cardstock coupled with a black or gold font, which is for sure a classy choice. Else, you can also enhance the look of your cards with the colorful or metallic fonts. Whatsoever you do, but keep readability in mind!

Bottom Line: Playing with color shape and size of the invites is no problem, but one must keep in mind the legibility of the text. It is important that the proper information reaches the ones who are invited. So, opt for the fonts accordingly!

Information About The Style Of Wedding
One cannot deny that the marriage cards are the guests' first glance at your wedding style. It would be a great notion if we inform the guest about the style of your wedding apart from the venue and timings of the functions. Your invitation style if hits the same note as that of the style of event you are giving, it would be a mind-blowing idea. And don’t forget to include the information of RSVPs on the bottom right corner of your invitation.

Bottom Line: It is very much crucial to get your dates straight. Moreover, make sure to set the deadlines with the stationer and let the deadlines be no more than three or four week.

Let’s Not Throng The Card!
Yet another thing that one must keep in mind is not to crowd the invitation card. It is better to be to-the-point and list them on the invitation like for example the timings of the functions, their respective locations, the hosts, the name of the couple, RSVP information and the dress code if it is there. If we don’t stuff the information on it, the invitation card will look more elegant and would be readable as well.

Bottom Line: It is better to avoid talking about the route of the wedding venue instead make a separate enclosure card or print the map on the overleaf.

It is vital to give a personal touch to the marriage cards to bring out the emotional element right there. One must also remember that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and so avoid overdoing. And if these above-stated points are kept in mind, your wedding cards will the perfect Indian wedding invitation card. Now, relax and let the wedding bells ring!