The Brooklyn gazette

author Rick Riordan Publisher Disney 05/03/2011 464 pages

Character description

Carter Kane and Sadie Kane are both Teenagers and Egyptian Magician teachers that save the world from evil gods and monsters while teaching other magicians how to use their magic. On their journey they are aided by one of their students named Walt, a magician who is cursed. The more magic he performs, the faster he dies. They are also accompanied by the dwarf god Bes who may be small but can scare the most fearless of demons just by yelling BOO. Sadie and Carter have to save the world. To do that, they must awaken Ra, the ruler of the gods.Upon finding Ra, the brave adventurers are crestfallen when they realize that this most powerful of gods has completely lost his mind, often prone to childish fits and bouts of heavy sleeping.

Plot Summary

Carter and Sadie Kane are siblings with special abilities pertaining to ancient egyptian magic. Their quest in this book is to reunite all of the pieces of the Book of Ra. They must gather all the pieces of this artifact to awaken the most powerful and ancient of all gods, Ra. Carter and Sadie hope to gain the help of Ra to fight against Apophis, who is trying to destroy life as we know it.


Vlad Meskinov is trying to free Apophis from his prison so he can swallow the world and Ra with it. The job of stopping Vlad and Apophis falls to Carter and Sadie due to their ability to wield ancient egyptian magic. They must fight their way past many minions of Vlad and Apophis to gain control of the book of Ra, which is needed to awaken Ra, who is the only one who has the power to defeat the evil forces.

Title Explanation

I chose the name the Brooklyn gazette because the book starts out in Brooklyn New York and that's where everybody mostly is. I would also name it the magicians scroll because throughout the whole book It talks about magic and magicians.

Book Review

I liked this book because it kept me wondering what would happen next. It was like a movie in my head. I liked the fact that despite all of the ancient egyptian content, I was able to relate to the main characters and their current world problems.