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Message from Ms. Higgins

Below are the Important End of the Year Dates!

Thursday, May 26th-Farm Day

June 3rd-Field Day

June 10th-Dads and Donuts (9:00-9:45)

June 15th- End of the Year Show (2:00-3:00)

Enjoy the long weekend!

Ms. Higgins

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Monday: Gym (Wear Sneakers!)

Tuesday: Library (Don't forget books!)

Wednesday: Social Skills/Spanish

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

This Week In Kindergarten...

Morning Meeting!

We start each day with Morning Meeting! Morning Meeting consists of:

  1. Morning Greeting: Review of Old Greetings
  2. Morning Message
  3. Calendar
  4. Morning Movement: GoNoodle Videos!

Writers' Workshop-Non-Fiction Texts

We have begun our Unit on Non-Fiction Texts. We have been researching different Farm Animals to prepare for Farm Day! Check out some of our pictures below.

Readers' Workshop

Students continue to read their "Just Right Books". These are books students should be able to read comfortably and independently.

Our Reading Strategies:

1. Look at the Front Cover and Pictures

2. Stories are composed of Pictures and Sentences

3. Use the Beginning Letter and Picture

4. Use the Ending Letter and Picture

5. Use ALL the letters and the pictures

6. Look for word families or special sounds (sh, ch, ing, ck, wh)

7. Looks Right, Sounds, Right, Makes Sense

*Encourage students to use one of these strategies when reading rather than giving them the word. This will help build their independence as a Reader.*

Students use RAZKids once a week. I love seeing the students' weekly reports and seeing the progress they make at home as well! If you need their Log In information, please e-mail me.


We are now working on digraph sounds:







  • Introduction to Calculators
  • Domino Addition

Mystery Reader!

Mystery Reader Sign Ups are now on Shutterfly! Please sign up through the website. If the dates/times do not work for you, please e-mail for me additional slots.

Older Siblings are welcomed! Please make sure you/they check with their homeroom teacher first!

Mystery Reader

Click to go to the Mystery Reader Sign Ups!

Check out some of our fun Brain Breaks at GONOODLE!

Go Noodle!

Check out the Go Noodle website to view all of our Brain Break and Morning Movement videos in addition to some new ones :)