Berlin Metropolitan School News

Friday 15th January, 2016

Upcoming Events at BMS January/ February 2016

Wednesday 20th January - Primary Parent Representative Meeting cafeteria 19.00.

Thursday 21st January - Friends of BMS New Year´s Reception

Tuesday 26th January - Science Cafe in the cafeteria 15.00 - 18.00

Wednesday 27th January - Family Literacy Day

Wednesday 27th January - Digital Workshop parent overview Meeting cafeteria 18.00

Friday 29th January - Semester 1 Reports issued & Winter break begins

Monday 8th February - Back to School

Family Literacy Day

BMS will be celebrating Family Literacy Day on Wednesday, January 27th, and we would welcome parent/volunteer participation! Volunteers can sign up for one 15 minute slot for Literacy Day and can also decide to do something together, if they wish. The possible times are 14:30 - 14:45, and 14:45 - 15:00. Please bring in an activity for that time slot. Activities could include: one of your favorite books to read to the class, a skit, short film, puppet show, word game, or other literacy-based activity. We look forward to welcoming you to school! If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Hall ( or Julietta Cavalli (

Sign Up Here:

Alessia in Grade 5 accepted into the main choir of the Berlin Staatsopera - Congrats!

Alessia loves singing, its her passion. For 1 1/2 years she has been part of the Berliner Children's Choir. She wanted to sing more and develop her singing skills further, so on Monday, Alessia was happy to have received an Invitation for an audition at the Staatsopera. She did very well and has been accepted in the main choir of the Staatsopera. She is thrilled and very excited. We are also very thrilled and excited for Alessia. Many congratulations to her!

Congratulations & Best wishes to Ms. Chung!

Our Grade 4b teacher Ms. Chung unfortunately had to leave school earlier than planned this month on maternity leave and her class 4b are sorry to say farewell so soon. However, we would all like to thank her for the great first semester and wish her well as she prepares for a new arrival into her family!

Welcome to Ms. Beccherini Grade 4b

We would like to share the news that Ms. Beccherini will be joining us as the Grade 4b teacher for the remainder of the school year. Ms. Beccherini has been teaching at BMS since August when she joined us as a substitute teacher and we are delighted that she can step in to take over Grade 4b for the remainder of the school year.

Learning News from the Primary School!

1st Graders Ice Skating Field Trip

BMS 1st Graders went ice skating this week and had a blast!

1c students: David, Dylan, and Alisa taking a second to pose for photo while they enjoy the ice!

1st Graders Ice Skating Field Trip

Philine & Ella from 1c and Sophie from 1d having a blast on the ice!

1d Students Present their Family Histories

Students in Ms. Rachel Hall's 1d class reflect on their personal histories while presenting their family trees to the class.

2d Students & Gravity

2d students are learning about gravity and how weight is related to this. Here you can see them experimenting with long pencils, a cup, and a scale to find some ways to keep the cup standing.

2d getting an introduction to the Philip Schaeffer Bücherei.

Hansel and Gretel - Halfway There Party!

Thank you to our Librarians, Rana Douglas and Anja Hertzberg for organizing a fun Hansel and Gretel voting party as part of the ongoing ´Reader´s Choice Award of International Schools in Germany´. Students participate by reading at least 4 of the nominated titles and then vote for their personal choice. Around 60 students participated this week and enjoyed cookie baking, placing their votes and watching a movie together! We are looking forward to hearing the final results in March!


BMS Girls’ Chess Team: “Keeping Pace with Older Opponents“

A match of David versus Goliath is also exciting when watching chess. This was the situation with the BMS Girl’s Chess Team on January 12th, 2016, at the annual Berlin School Chess Championships in rapid play. Countless spectators watched our team, comprised of Naomi Faber from Grade 8, Artemis Sahm-Petit from Grade 5, Mila Jovanovic and Lenka Küppers hailing from Grade 3, and Alzbeta Kotkova from Grade 1.

Considering they competed strictly against older students from higher grade levels, the chess team’s placement of 7 out of 14 highlights their impressive performance. At the top, Naomi confirmed her ability to lead and demonstrated that her solo victory and trophy in Summer 2015 was no coincidence. Surrounded by avid onlookers, the 6-year-old Alzbeta defeated players more than twice her age. Mila, Lenka, and Artemis contributed strong performances and constantly surprised opponents with deft tactics and strategy.

We are so happy for our students and offer them our hearty congratulations.