Third Grade Weekly Update

April 2-6, 2018

Important Dates

April 3 - School Safety Town Hall at 6:00 pm. in the library

April 10 and April 11- CLOSED Campus for STAAR Testing (4th and 5th grade testing)

April 14 - WatchDOGS “Daddy-Daughter Dance” will be at JES

April 17- Family Learning Night for Math

April 19- Future Ready Day – Wear college/military/career shirts on Report Card day!

April 20- Earth Day Assembly in the Garden – everyone invited!

April 27- Northwest READS – Friday at 9:00 am. We need ONE reader per classroom. Talk to our librarian if you can help!

April 30- Legacy Walk – Seniors from NISD high schools that attended JES will walk the halls in their caps/gowns on Monday at 8:30 am.

May 14 and May 15- CLOSED Campus for STAAR Testing

May 14- 3rd Grade Math STAAR Testing

May 15- 3rd Grade Reading STAAR Testing



Math Sheet (Due Thursday)

Education Galaxy

Lexia (see the email about how to log-in) reading

Read 20 minutes

What We Are Learning This Week


  • How can I use a number line to represent fractions?
  • How can I compare fractions with similar denominators?
  • How can I compare fractions with similar numerators?

Below is the multiplication song for students to learn their skip counting! This is a great song to listen to at night or in the car. Open it and save it for easy access!


Texts for this week: excerpt from Judy Moody - The Doctor's In, "Stuck by Luck" from Highlights Magazine

**New Book Clubs starting in class this week.**

  • What is plot?
  • How do you analyze the plot of a fiction text?
  • What is the best way to summarize a fiction text?
  • How do you figure cause and effect in a fiction text?
  • Why is determining cause and effect important in a fiction text?
  • Why is the FIRE strategy important when taking a reading test?


  • How can you improve your narrative writing?
  • What is an elaborative detail and why is it important?
  • How do you write an elaborative segment?
  • In a narrative, what is the critical character, setting, and object?


  • Review sheet sent home Monday
  • Grammar focus for this week is on spelling homophones correctly.
  • Vocabulary words come from articles and the test-taking genre.


  • What are habitats?
  • How are humans changing habitats?
  • How can we live with the animals and try to keep everyone safe?

Next week we are starting a project on rapid expansion and how that changes habitats.

Social Studies

  • How have people in the past made changes to their community?
  • What would it be like to spend the day with that person?
  • What would you want to ask? Where would you want that person to take you? What would you want to do?

Office News

Parents as Teachers Friday, April 13

If you have a child birth to age 5 and want to meet new people with children of that age group, then join us at playgroup!

There are two options for playtimes at 9:30 am. or 1:00 pm. at the Special Programs Center, 1800 State Highway 114.

Want to know more? Go to

SAVE THE DATE – Family Math Night                                      April 17th, come and go from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.

SAVE THE DATE – Family Math Night

April 17th, come and go from 5:00 – 8:00 pm.