you wouldn't want to be

A slave in Ancient Greece By: Juliana t


I choose ancient Greece because it looked like a good book. My favorite part in the book was when the girl fell in the fountain and the other slaves talked about her and they said that she needed a bath. I disliked how in the book the slaves didn’t get to vote because they were colored or because they wasn’t from were the whites were from. The most interesting part in the book was how they did the pictures funny.

Interesting facts

There was a boy named Alexander. His mother was the Olympics of the princess of Epirus. She became an Olympics princess at the age of 20. It happened in ancient Greece.

have to know

The thing you have to no is if you were a slave back then and you didn’t do what your master told you to do then they would hang you by your arms, they don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl, they would hang you by your arms and feet and they had this little rope and they would beat you with it until they saw the blood dripping from your body. If you had any kids that you had with you for that point of time you might as well forget about them because they are selling you and your kids to different homes. They would do all of this just because you him/her weren’t the same color. They did all of that just to make you feel less of a person. This happened way back in the day, now I’m so happy the rules changed and that is not allowed cause if it was that would still be happening right now at this very second. Happened in Ancient Greece.

SOOO Gross

The part that made me go oh no was when I first found out that whites could do that to blacks.