Mount Rushmore

~ four presidents , Four lives ~


It 14 years and 400 men to complete. what monument could that be? Of course! Mount Rushmore. Firstly, Mount Rushmore has a lot of hidden things you didn't know about. and i'm here today to talk about them. taking into consideration that there is so many of them . For example, the story behind the construction and the people. Another thing would be the attractions around it and the glory of the story of the four people who it took great courage to get themselves on the mountain. Thats not all that we are gonna talk about. but you got a small feel of what's coming for you. (especially since it has such a glorious , beautiful history.)

The first thing I want to tell you about is the dangerous journey it was to build the giant monument. As I had stated before , it took 14 years and 400 men to complete. Considering how harsh the weather was , nobody had died during the construction of the giant. Just over 800 million pounds of stone were removed. the monument itself is four 60 foot sculptures of presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. To carve four presidents into a mostly granite mountain , with mostly dynamite , you can see why it took 14 years.

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