EV Staff News

May 6, 2019

Our vision is to be a Healthy and Literate Community!

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May Exhaustion

We are all feeling the effects of end of the school year. The EV staff has always been a great place to call home. We have always supported one another in the face of good times and bad. When we face uncertainty or are experiencing doubt or frustration it is easy to find fault and dissatisfaction.

As I go through my day, assuming positive intent is often the only way to approach a situation. Sometimes that is hard to do! I know in my heart that we are all here because we believe in what we do and want the best for our students. May is a tough month for many reasons.

This has easily been one of the most challenging weeks of my career. I have to remember that, "this too shall pass" and sometimes I have to take things "one minute at a time." In the end I am here to support all of you and our students.

We often do not know what another is working through. We don't know exactly what our children, staff and families experience in their daily lives. My consejo (advise) for the remainder of the year is to be gentle with one another.

with love and appreciation, maite

Talent Show, Cinco and Retirement Event

Thank you all!! It was a a great event!!!

Special Education Update

The third grade team met with Vanessa Riggs and Lori Stark last week to discuss the educational and social emotional needs of our third grade class. Vanessa and Lori were very helpful and I learned a tremendous amount about services and evaluations. For our students with possible social emotional needs we will be doing social emotional evaluations. Counseling can then be included in their IEP. If we cannot meet the need on site the district will contract out for services.

In addition, going forward next year I will be meeting with the special education staff one week prior to the IEP to review the plan, present levels and possible goals. This will add a a layer of support for the students and staff that we have not had in the past.

I look forward to working in collaboration with the special ed team as we work to support our students.

Remaining Meetings - content subject to change - Repeat

HI All

This is my thinking so far for the remainder of the year! Please let me know if I missed something.

Staff Meetings

May 6 – Data review, What went well and what needs to be adjusted?

May 20 – Cowell Surveys

Grade Level Meetings

May 8 – Class placements

May 15 - on your own

May 22 - on your own

May 29 – Class placements

Staff Party - Save the Date!

Barb and Dan have agreed to host our staff party on June 7 in the afternoon. Thank you!
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Up Coming Events


Mon Staff meeting

Wed. 8 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 29

Thurs. 9 DELAC

Fri. 10 Restructuring Team with Anu Cairo

Wed. 15 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 30 (on your own)

Thurs. 16 Elementary Principals

Fri. 17 Principals TK-12

Mon. 20 Staff Meeting

Wed. 22 On your own for Open House

Wed. 22 Open House (on your own)

Thurs. 23 Coffee Day

Fri. 24 Senior Walk About 11:30, SSC & ELAC

Mon. 27 holiday

Wed. 29 Grd Level meeting 1:40pm - 31

Thurs. 30 Sing a long 9am

Fri. 31 EV Field Day and BBQ


Tues. 4 Preschool Grad

Wed. 5 On your own

Wed. 5 Awards Assembly

Thurs 6 Promotion

Fri. 7 Teacher Work day and staff party at Barb and Dan's

Thurs. 13 Elementary Principals

Fri. 14 Principals TK-12

Fri. 21 Leadership Meeting for maite