What to Expect When Expecting?!

By: Madison Bradley 5th hour

What goes on with the fetus during the 3 trimesters?

During the first trimester the baby will be forming its shapes. Such as it's ear lobes, mouth and nose. Close to the end of the third month the fetus will have started growing all of its organs. During the second trimester the baby begins to grow rapidly. It is almost 4 timesaving big as it was at the beginning of the first trimester(at the end of second). During the third trimester the senses begin to build. The baby will reach a length of about 16 inches. The baby will reach a weight of 6-9 pounds. Near the end of the pregnancy the baby will develop its first poop.

What happens to the mother during the 3 trimesters?

During the first trimester the mother will begin to experience fatigue, morning sickness, and maybe headaches. The body at this time is creating extra blood to help carry oxygen to the baby. The mothers hormones will begin to change significantly. And she should maintain a healthy diet. During the second trimester this is often the more comfortable trimester. The mother should get more sleep and have more energy. She will begin to have a baby bump. Towords the end of the trimester she will get new symptoms such as heart burn and leg cramps. During the last trimester she will see a doctor more often. The cervix will begin to be checked. Her and the doctor will go over hoe they want the birth to go. Calcium is very important at this time in the pregnancy. As her tummy grows there may be some cramping.

What advice would you give to the Father to be??

First, YOU ARE GOING TO BE A FATHER!! Congratulations! This is a good thing. You will now have someone to pass on things to, be a mentor to. This little baby will look up to you. No, first you need to have a job that will support you, your significant other, and your new comer. You and your significant other should attend classes that prepare you for emergencies. As well as how to change diapers, or feed the baby, a class that will basically show you the ropes, and give u a good foundation. Don't forget you have nine months to prepare so don't freak out. You also want to try and be available at any time just in case. Be a comforter to your significant other. Try to be as big of a help as possible being pregnant isn't easy, and is so much better with someone who is willing to help.