What Is The Ebola Virus?

By Patrick Cotter

What is The Virus?

Ebola is a dangerous virus that can cause people to get extremely sick and even die. The virus is causing the biggest problems in West Africa. People all over the world are now concerned about the Ebola Virus.

Where Did The Virus Come From?

The Ebola virus is found in quite a few African countries. The Ebola Virus was first discovered in 1976 near the Ebola River. The Ebola river is in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then the virus has spread across Africa and some because it is so contagious people be carrying the disease from country-to-country.

How Is It Transmitted?

Ebola doesn't spread like colds or the flu because it doesn't carry through the air. Ebola also doesn't spread through food or water like some other virus. Ebola spreads when someone touches the body fluids, like saliva of a sick person. That's why hospital workers wear protective equipment that covers them all over.


Ebola symptoms can start with fever and headache, a bit like the flu. But it can get worse and cause life-threatening symptoms, such as internal bleeding and trouble breathing.