JROB Dugout News 2/18- 2/22 2019


Notes from Damita

Gift of Time - I hope you enjoyed your "time", I heard that many teams still met and discussed their Writing HLT...soooo awesome. Any time we get to collaborate around student work and discuss progress, trends/patterns and focused and intentional planning steps is golden. The final writing/HLT is set for 3/27, be ready to celebrate our journey and the continued path for 19-20.

Daily Learning Intentions are not an OPTION they are key to the day's learning outcomes.

As I walk in and out of classrooms, I am quite disappointed with the lack of effort toward focusing the learning with lesson targets. It is not about me it is really about providing focused learning and understanding for students every day. How can we move forward in DOK application if we have nothing to measure?

Let's continue to practice to support "teacher clarity of learning" as an instructional practice that leads to a .75 effect size of growth.

What - is the standard or skill (not worksheet, not test, not book)

Why - is this relevant, why is this important (transfer)?

How - students demonstration of the standard/learning

ClassHub - Mr. Marengo has supported teachers in Middle School with ClassHub installation. Through the process, we are discovering that "our young millennials know their way around technology" and are able to out of the protection status. Mr. Marengo is trying to work it out to support our efforts vs adding additional monitoring tactics.

ALL Staff

Please complete your CORE survey (using the link emailed to you by Panorama Ed) no later than Thursday, February 21st. ALL staff should take this survey.

ALL Families

Please use whatever method you have found to be effective to communicate with families, including Class DoJo, Remind 101, flyers, homework agendas, etc. This is the last week to complete the surveys and we want all of our families voice to be heard.

Next week there are two challenges coming your way:


2. Robinson will host its African-American History program "Leaders to Action", Wednesday, from 5:30 to 7:30. The challenge is to invite one of your African-American student's families to enjoy the fabulous show and dinner with you.

We are officially on the countdown....No more holidays until SB, just 9 weeks before SBAC and students will demonstrate their proficiency of grade level standards

CAASP Resources

Click the Embedded Link

Dr. Deena Brown supporting our work for the African American child's success - 2/20

Celebrating the Legacy of Blacks in America

Click the embedded link for resources to use in your classrooms during Black History Month for grades K-8

STOIC: Structures and consistency are KEY! It takes us all for a Safe and Civil School!

Please review the supervision best practices slides created by your colleagues on the Safe and Civil Team. Quick Tips:

  • Field Supervision - Do circulate throughout the area of play. Don't stand at the gate.
  • Restroom Breaks - Do bring your students to recess early in order to take your break. If not possible, after recess have a colleague watch your students in line.
  • Areas of Play - Field (1 teacher must be present), Primary (1 teacher must be present), Handball/Jungle Gym/Tether Ball (1 teacher must be present)
  • Ball Shed - Must be supervised while students are checking out equipment and putting away. Tip: Keep field closed until equipment is checked out.

Click the embedded link to review the slide deck:


ST Math Jiji/Weekly Progression to Meet Standards

How small groups during ST Math enhance your student's ability to reach the end of year Common Core Standards?

  • Reteaching concepts to students not reaching the learning goal you set for them
  • Bridging the gap between concrete learning to abstract learning
  • Reteaching foundational skills not mastered in previous grades
  • Reteaching skills not mastered on a math unit assessment
  • Extending learning beyond grade level
Big picture
Random Acts of Kindness Month in #JROB Nation

Middle School Community Kindness Calendar - Click embedded link to access

Random Acts of Kindness Month Challenge in #JROB Nation

Elementary Community Kindness Calendar - Click the embedded link to access

19-20 Transfer Opportunities Information

School Transfer Information

Transfer requests for the 2019 – 2020 school year will be due March 31, 2019.

Requests for Transfer will be available February 1, 2019. See the school secretary for a paper copy or you may complete the transfer request online via HRS portal.

Robinson's STEAM Program w/Dramatic Results - Week 2 - TV Film making

Summer School and Summer Enrichment Opportunities(SEL) Teaching Opportunities

Certificated Summer School Job Applications

Certificated applications for summer positions are now available on the LBUSD Portal (application directions). Summer positions offered are Special Education ESY (Pre-K through Adult), High School SDC credit recovery and General Ed High School. Employees are also able to download a PDF application link on the HRS webpage. Completed PDF applications may be saved and emailed to hrshelp@lbschools.net. All applications must be submitted by March 15, 2019. Information regarding dates and times of summer school are listed on the application.

Summer Enrichment And Learning (SEAL)

This year, select Elementary, Middle/K-8 and High School sites will offer Summer Enrichment and Learning (SEAL) Programs. All certificated staff are welcome to apply for SEAL. These teaching and learning opportunities are tailored to match the program designs of the individual school sites and applicants will be selected based on the needs of the program. If you would like to be considered to participate in the SEAL program, please fill out the SEAL application.

LBUSD Payroll Changes 19-20

Click the embedded link to watch the video for clarification and understanding on how this will affect you monthly compensation.


This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.