Informed Conscience

Some Catholics believe that an 'informed conscience" is ourselves telling us that what we are doing is right or wrong . In other words, if we feel that it is the wrong then we can ask for forgiveness This is a misapplication of the understanding of an informed conscience.

Many cultures explain this in there own way, in some cultures they say that your conscience is made up of two dogs, wrong and right, the more you feed one dog the more the other gets hungry and starts to die.

An informed conscience is a well-fed conscience. A lot of people think conscience means they can do whatever they feel like even if it contradicts Holy Church--since they feel like doing it, they're conscience must be telling them its ok. Folks like this usually have a starved conscience and its their passions and the evil one they are actually listening to. A well-fed conscience should never contradict Holy Church.

The churches teaching on sexual intimacy

the teaching teaches us that sexuality is a great gift, and tells us that it finds fullness in the commitment of marriage it includes things like physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of a person.

Sexual acts have two functions, Unitive: they come together through intercourse and procreative,: by intercourse they have the opportunity to create new life.