Cougar News


Cougar News

Hope all the students enjoyed their holiday on Monday! Please remember to check your student's grades using HAC. Remember that Fall Fest is Oct. 24th 5 p.m.-7 p.m.

Cougar Science

This week we are continuing to work on our Chemistry Unit. Please see below for the schedule this week:

  • Tue. Physical and Chemical Changes Notes
  • Wed. Steeling the Show Lab
  • Thur. Mystery Powder Lab
  • Fri. Cabbage Lab

To learn more about our Chemistry Unit visit our Chemistry Padlet Wall

Please also note that a letter went home on Fri regarding our CO2 Cars. The kids are REALLY excited. Please return your money by Fri.

Cougar Math

Advance classes:
This week will be working with decimals. We will be comparing and ordering them, adding and subtracting, and then multiplying them.

Regular classes:
The students will be receiving their data collection projects on Wednesday. This is a major grade and will be due on Friday.

Cougar E.L.A.

Tuesday, October 15th, is the last class day to work on Fantasy final drafts. We will have our publishing party in class on Wednesday, October 16. All students will receive a new vocabulary list on Thursday, October 17. The new vocabulary list is on my website. The vocabulary list is also posted on Quizlet. This is a fun way for kids to study for the vocabulary test.

All students will be tested over these vocabulary terms on Thursday, October 24.

Cougar Social Studies

We are testing on Government on Tue. We will begin studying economics this week.