German Shepherds

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German shepherds

How they act..

Dont you ever wonder how German shepherds are like? Will you’re in the right place.

German shepherds are brave, smart, fast here are some facts about them and there is way more like German shepherds are also really big they are working dogs some of their jobs are chasing down criminals and leading down the blind that can’t see they are also guard dogs they are really careful with people but they can also have a bad side to them like if you are scared to get near the dog it will sense your smell and see your scared and the dog will react to the behave that you show the dog these dogs are loyal.

Training ..

They can also play with you like when you hide the toy that type of game you just let them smell it and then quickly go hide the toy German shepherds are extremely smart they will find it in a second also in the army they show German shepherds how to this things I said they are. there actually really easy to train they go four lots of training aside from hearing they are working dogs there useful dog breed the German shepherds dogs stand about 24 inches. The German Shepherds blow their undercoat in fall and spring they have lots of hair. They are heavy when they start getting older they also can be any color of coat.

The types of German shepherds

But it’s mostly black and tan they can be really dark when there baby’s and when they get older they get tan color but all dogs are different they can stay that color but that’s more unlikely to happen same with height some German shepherds can be really tall and some can be medium size I thought my dog was going to be big because he’s a German shepherd but he stayed medium size.