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April, 2015

April Showers...

bring great things to your child's special area experience. Take a look!

It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over! Time flies when you’re having fun, and we have definitely been having fun in the art room! Students from all grade levels are practicing drawing from life, which is more challenging than copying from a picture. Students have been using their “artist’s eyes” to find elements of art in the environment around them, and then using that information to create a work of art. They have been working hard and I am very proud of the results!

4th & 5th Grade: Relief Printing Plants

2nd & 3rd Grade: Watercolor Plants

K & 1st Grade: Family Portraits

Next month look forward to fiber arts!!

Roby Families,

We focused on leadership this month. During the summer break, I challenge you to be a leader in your home and in your community. See what you can do to make a difference.

April Library Programming - National Poetry Month

We've had a lot of fun in the library with poetry this month. Students could participate in a variety of ways. They could keep track of the poems they were reading and turn in their poet-tree for a prize. Students could write an original poem and hang it on the official library "Poet Tree" for a prize. Finally, students were asked to participate in National Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 30. Every one was to carry a poem and share it with friends and teachers.

Students in Grades 4 and 5 were invited to take part in Roby Library's first Poetry Slam. We had a great turnout and a lot of fun listening to students perform their original poetry.

A special thank you to Mrs. Emily Hunt, Grade 3 teacher, for her help and support.

Student pictures can be viewed on the Roby Library Twitter (http://www.twitter.com) @robyeslibrary. You can also find pictures of students on the Roby Library webpage found at http://robyeslibrary.weebly.com. (Click on my name above and you will be linked to the webpage directly).

Scheduled Classes

Kindergarten classes learned about poetry and the importance of all 5 senses when poets construct a poem. We also began to learn about how to use a shelf marker to mark out place on the shelf when we are choosing a library book.

Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are seen on a weekly basis for book exchange.

Ms. Joan Wise - Guest Teacher

A big thank you to Ms. Wise for taking over the music program in Mrs. Oliver's absence. Mrs. Oliver is spending time with her family and looks forward to seeing everyone again when she returns in the Fall.

We have started fitness testing for students in grades 2-5. The pretest (completed in September/October) and the current post-test will be sent home at the end of the month. Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade are practicing the different fitness stations so that they can become experts by 2nd grade! Field day will be June 1st. Due to state testing being so late in the year, we do not have a rain date, so if it rains, we are out of luck this year. I have had several people fill out volunteer forms to help this year; I will be contacting some people soon! Thank you for your willingness to help with this event! We raised around $2,700 for Jump Rope for heart! All prizes have been distributed, and Emma Holt in Mrs. Olson’s class was our top fundraiser this year! She will be featured on the Roby News to receive the rest of her awards. Mrs. Hart’s class was the highest earning class, so they have earned an extra P.E. class with a healthy snack! I am so proud of the Roby students for giving to such a great cause! !

Please remember to check the lost and found! Several students have left/lost things in PE class!

It is very important that all students wear tennis shoes to school every day! If your child in unable to participate in P.E. for a particular reason, please be sure to send a note with them! P.E. grades are based on participation and behavior in class. There will also be written assignments that the students will be graded on throughout the year. Students are not graded on their “athletic ability” but they are graded on their willingness to try all activities!