Don't get your hopes up ...... but!

Technology Team - Have a think about this


This is completely out of the blue and we would need to look at all other aspects of the school before we got the green light.

But what if we had the funds (approximately $13000) to revamp and upgrade our computer lab.

(getting rid of the odour would be a good start)

Carpet, paint job, desks, furniture, (I’m thinking a Google colour scheme) dedicated storage, etc

At this stage I wouldn’t consider additional purchases of hardware – but might be convinced?

Technology Hubs or Stations

An alternate option might be to transform the Lab, TLA and or part of the library into more user friendly technology hubs to be used in conjunction with the iPads, future directions, etc.

(A lot of schools during the BER removed the tiers in their rooms and made them into a flatter space or again just start with Carpet, paint job, desks, furniture)

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