George Washington

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Born in Westmoreland county Virginia on February 22, 1732.

Died in Mount Vernon Virginia on December 14, 1799

Lived to be 67.

Led the continental army to victory over the British during the revolutionary war as the commander in chief.

1st President under the constitution. Served 2, 4 year terms.

Brief History

George Washington was a great leader and served as commander in chief of the continental army and fought against the British in the revolutionary war. After winning the revolutionary war he served in the House of Burgess under the Articles of Confederation. After people saw that this government was weak and poorly planned. there were constitutional conventions to re make a constitution giving more power to the government. George chaired the convention and kept order, because of this service he was chosen to be the first president and served for two years. this war and national hero died in a way you just might think is quite sad.

Famous Events

  1. May 28, 1754: Started the French and Indian war. Defeated a small French army and was the first significant battle of the french and Indian war.
  2. June 15, 1775: Battle of Bunker Hill. Heavy losses to the British army during the revolutionary war.
  3. 1776: Led the continental army, as commander in chief, to victory over the British army and won independence.
  4. May 1787: Constitutional Convention. Showing the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, George Washington chaired the convention.
  5. 1789-1797: First president under the Constitution served 2 consecutive terms.


Medicine was very few at the time and the doctor, who was badly washed hands with germs and bacteria from all the people he helped had to be picked up by a horsemen and ride back to the house. At the time people believed that the sickness/illness was in the blood and if you would remove the blood, you remove the bad illness. so they would cut your arm and bleed you out. you would get worse and they would bleed you again. then they would use blister beetles on your neck to make blisters and pop them. They also put leeches on your legs to get every bit of blood out of you, this only made matters worse.

How he died, The disease.

George Washington had a tooth problem, he lost most of his teeth before his presidency, he wore dentures throughout most of his presidency and had only one last tooth left. this tooth had gotten a infection and swollen up and caused him to breathe uneasy.

Todays Treatment

Today George Washington could have been healed with simple antibiotics!


  1. Carbuncle-A carbuncle is a skin infection that often involves a group of hair follicles. The infected material forms a lump, which occurs deep in the skin and may contain pus. When you have more than one carbuncle, the condition is called carbunculosis.
  2. Lance-prick or cut open with a lancet or other sharp instrument.
  3. Stagnated-(of water or air) cease to flow or move; become stagnant.

    synonyms: stop flowing, become stagnant, become trapped; More

    antonyms: flow

  4. Profusley-spending or giving freely and in large amount, often to excess; extravagant (often followed by in):
    profuse praise.
  5. Tartar-emetic-A poisonous crystalline compound used in medicine as an expectorant and in the treatment of parasitic infections, such as schistosomiasis.

Blood Letting Blade

Blister Bettle