Global School Playday 2016 at UES

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Global School Play Day

Unstructured Play Expectations

Teacher > Students

  1. No blood

  2. No broken bones

  3. No destroying/ruining stuff

  4. Keep indoor play normal

  5. Put everything away

  6. No electronics/devices

  7. Stay where I can see you

Students > Teacher

  1. Play with kids, equally

  2. Have fun

  3. Don’t tell us what to play

  4. Help set up toys

  5. Let us use stuff/toys/games from class

Students > Students

  1. Don’t be a bad sport, sore loser

  2. Don’t break or lose toys

  3. Don’t ruin what others are making

  4. Don’t make fun of other people’s toys

  5. Treat others how you want to be treated

  6. Don’t steal

  7. Don’t overpower others

So what did you think?

What do you think about unstructured play?

What are some important life skills that you can learn from play?

How can we make this better?

How can you spend more time playing at home?