Going to Tangerine Middle

Paul decided to go to Tangerine Middle on page 94 where it says " I want to go to Tangerine Middle." This affected Paul in many ways. For example this led Paul to make new friends such as Luis. This also resulted in Paul playing soccer and even getting into a fight. " I'm back up goalie for Tangerine Middle". Page 157

Going to help at the groves.

Paul decided to go help at the groves on page 218 when he says "What can I do to help." This led Paul to have a even better friendship with Luis before he dies. " Thank you for helping out today" Page 220.

To stay in his science group

On page 106 Joey says " That guy is big trouble." Paul however still decided to be friends with Luis. This led to Paul helping out at the groves. Paul also became friends with people like Theresa because of this choice.

Playing soccer with Joey

On page 27 it says "I played soccer with Joey and 2 other kids." this led to a fast friendship between the two. This also led to Joey introducing Paul to his future friends like Keri. This also led Paul to go to the carnival with Joey and have a bad impression on the kids from Tangerine Middle." I've heard those kids carry around AK-47s." Page 74