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One School One Book Week

One School One Book Kickoff Week Shenanigans

*Do not reveal the Book title to the kids EVER :)

We will reveal the Book Title at the assembly which will be Friday, September 28th at 2:30


Tuesday-Knox will have Lemon shakeups during Library Special and will talk about 1S1B

Wednesday-Wear Yellow Day

Thursday-Knox will have Lemon shakeups during Library Special and will talk about 1S1B

Friday AM- Hallway Lemons and PM Assembly

During our Wednesday Morning meeting, I will give out reading schedules, and extra materials with vocabulary and math problems that coincide with the book. We will discuss other 1S1B things. We are also going to do morning trivia on the announcements each read day. We are also going to discuss the school-wide lemonade war we are going to do. Each class will run 2 lemonade stand during lunch recess boys vs girls, to follow the theme of the book. The funds will be used to help out the Roberts family with expenses from his recent LVAD procedure. Brady was in Homan's class last year and is currently in Hosted's class. The winning group(whoever raises the most money boys or girls). Will get to make their own individual slime batches and I will get slimed The 1st week of November. Anyone else can join me in getting slimed. There will be more details Wednesday.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 26 AM Meeting about 1 School 1 Book

NO ROAR on Wednesday we are working something out with the HS to revamp it a bit dropping it to a 1/2 hour each week with HS students running it with me

September 28 One School One Book Assembly/Book Kick Off HS Auditorium 2:30-3

October 1 One School One Book Begins

October 3 Indianapolis Opera 1:30

October 10 Fundraiser Pickup Night 3:30-6:00