How does it effect other systems?

Homeostasis and the Digestive System

Homeostasis is maintaining a normal body temperature. If your body temperature is below or above 98.6 degrees fahrenheit, then you may have a fever or have hypothermia. It is also regulating how much of everything goes into or stays in your body. In order for your digestive track to maintain a normal balance of acid, glucose, and pH, homeostasis occurs and balances all acids and enzymes in the mouth, liver, and small intestine.

The Wrong Foods

Junk food is very tempting; It looks and tastes so good! You can't stay away from it, but you should know, it is all bad for you. There are a lot of sugar and fats in these foods, and you don't want to consume too much of them. When too much sugar is consumed, your body runs low on insulin and you could suffer from diabetes. When you eat too much fat, your arteries can get clogged and a heart attack can happen. Eating bad foods can even make you depressed because it changes around your hormones.