Northside Summer Bookfair

At Barnes and Noble - Save the Date

Come join the fun!

We're having an in-store bookfair to raise money for our school and classroom libraries. Enjoy meeting other Northside students as you participate in an array of educational games, check out some great books to read this summer and get to know some of the Northside teachers as they share stories! There will even be a cool summer drink special featured in the cafe designed especially for Northside families.

Game tables and Northside staff will be part of the fun from 10-12, but you can shop all day long! Let your friends and neighbors know too. Please see the scheduled timeframe below.

10:00-11:00 - Some K-2 teachers and other staff

11:00-12:00 - Some 3-5 teachers and other staff

Not in town on July 20th? Not a problem - you can still support Northside by shopping online or visiting any Barnes and Noble nationwide just be sure to use the NES bookfair ID #11120102 at checkout.

Book Fair Details

Saturday, Jul 20th, 10am-12pm

5400 New Hope Commons

Durham, NC

Several tables will be set up featuring activities by ThinkFun, the leader in Mind Challenging Games. Meet other Northside students as you play your way through the various games. Fill out an entire game ticket and your name will get entered into a prize drawing! When you're done with the games, partake in the fun of listening to your Librarian, Mrs. Cole and other teachers share stories!

Northside ID Number - #11120102

Classroom and Library Wishlists!


Please click on the following links to see Northside wishlist items. These will also be available in the store the day of the fair.