The Symbols of Norway

The Battle of Hafrsfjord

    This was the battle that Harald Fairhair fought to unify Norway into one kingdom instead of many petty ones. After the battle It was the first time people could associate themselves as Norwegians instead of their small individual nations. Much of what we know about the battle is clouded with folklore but we do know the winners, losers, and that it unified the country.


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    The Swords of Stavanger

    THe Swords of Stavanger was finished in 1983 and unvieled by king Olave V of Norway. The biggest sword represents Harald Fairhair and the smaller ones represent the petty kings he defeated. Not only this but as a whole it represents the beginning of the nation. It was built to so that the Norwegian people would remember the battle that united their country. It also reminds them of their origins.
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    Christian Michelsen

    In the 1800’s Norway was constantly fighting diplomatic and physical battles for their independence and Christian Michelsen was one of the key figures in finally gaining that independence from their final union with Sweden. He is hilghly revered in Norway and even has a monument made after him. #bearded revolution
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    The Norwegian flag

    The Norwegian flag was chosen by a competition where people designed their own flags and presented them before parliament which voted the one they like the most. The red,white, and blue represents freedom from foreign oppressors. The majority of red reminds them of being under Denmark's rule during the dark ages while the cross represents Christianity.
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    Yes We Love This Country

    Sure, we were not many
    but we were enough,
    when we were tested sometimes,
    and it was at stake;
    we would rather burn our land
    than to declare defeat;
    just remember what happened
    down at Fredrikshald!

    This line from the Norwegian national anthem characterizes the determination that the Norwegian people had to fight for their independence from other countries. The last half reminds people of the town of Fredrikshald where people burnt their homes down to make sure the Swedish never occupied them.
    #national arson