The Doctor

See the inside of her life

Ewww Germs!

The doctor absolutely hates germs. She can't stand them. She takes long hot showers everyday to try to get rid of them.

Garden Life Style

Her garden is the 2nd most precious thing to our dear Doctor. She maintains her harden of healing plants that were collected from her travels to the rainforests

See the person who made her house

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Alberto Campo Baeza

Gray's Anatomy

The most precious thing to the doctor is her Gray's Anatomy. She has a copy of it in every room of her house. Her favorite one is a rare first edition from 1858. She keeps it in a glass case in her bedroom and puts on surgical gloves when she takes it out to read.

Meditation is KEY

At the end each work week, she meditates on the lives of those she has lost. Before beginning the next work week, she meditates on the lives she has saved

Dinner Last Night

The doctor loves to eat eggs, green peppers, a bunch of veggies, and especially salmon. Last night she went out to Olive Garden for some salmon and herbs with veggies on the side.
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New Followed

Recently the Doctor has followed Swami Kriyananda for tips about the right way and how to meditate. This person is known for his best tips and guidelines on how to meditate the proper way.


The Doctor was online today and realized that she wanted shampoo so she went online and found an amazing site that has the best shampoo money can buy

The Trip

The Doctor took a trip to the "Clinical Fellow Emergency Medicine and Pre-hospital care – Bangor, N Wales (Snowdonia)" to start recruiting new doctors


The Doctor has planned to take a vacation to the Amazonian Rainforest
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The Weekend

The Doctor has planned to work on her healing garden throughout the weekend and take long meditations for those she has lost during the week.