Tunnel in the Sky

by Robert A. Heinlein

If you like scientific fiction, this is the book to read. This book is in a period where technology was advanced, So advanced that they had tunnels that could send students to other planets.
Tunnel in the Sky is a like a survival type book. A group of High School students travel to an uninhabitated planet for their final exam. The other planet has animals and plants that are from their home land. The students have to stay on that planet until they get to the exit gate.
Rod, the main character, was so concentrated on his survival didnt notice that he was stranded on the planet at first. After 10 days gone by, he started to realize that they were stranded. The gate to come back was messed up so the had no way to return. A group formed and they came up with their own colony. They had a Mayor and everything.
Many people that have read this book comes back with great reviews. One of the things that are said in the reviews, is the awsome characters. This book has has male charactes and female characters that play a big role in the book.
This book is very enteritaining. It puts different effects on you. At some parts all you can do is laugh and others you get a little angry. Once you get into the book, it is going to be hard to put it down. This book always has you trying to guess whats going to happen next.
The Tunnel in the Sky is a book for teenagers and adults. Even though the adults might think of it with a different mindset that the teeneagers would, it is still a great book overall.