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July 17, 2020

Dear Parents and Community,

As we begin the new school year, safety is on everyone’s mind. We were all affected by the coronavirus pandemic that closed schools across the nation this past spring.

The safety of students and staff is one of Inspire School of Arts & Sciences’ highest priorities. All of us—students, parents, and school employees—have an important role to play in keeping our staff and students safe.

Please read the summary of our reopening plan below, then discuss with your student and family the model for returning to school that will work best for them. Parents will be given the following options for their child to begin school in the fall:

  1. Full-time model
  2. Hybrid model
  3. Independent study

We will need you to fill out the Inspire 2020-21 School Model Choice Form for each of your students enrolled in Inspire by Friday, July 24.

We understand that every individual brings their own concerns to the table and that guidance will remain very fluid over the next months as more continues to be learned about COVID-19. Our goal is to ensure equitable access to education for all our students while continuing to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our staff and students.

We will do our best to address the many questions that you and your students have, and have included a Frequently Asked Questions document below. If you do not see your concerns or questions addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

We appreciate your patience as we move forward. Together, let’s make sure our students are safe, supported, and ready to learn, grow, and thrive.

With profound appreciation for your partnership,

Becky Brown


Inspire School of Arts and Sciences

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The 1X8 Block Schedule

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Inspire School Safety Plan

Students’ safety begins at home with establishing a foundation of communication with your children.

Parents, talk to your child about the proper outlets for stress, anger, and other emotions, monitor their social media, and engage in dialogue with them if they have concerns regarding COVID-19. Below are a few things to know and share with your child to help keep our school as safe as possible:

  • Inspire School of Arts & Sciences, the Butte County Office of Education, and the Butte County Public Health office are working closely together to address COVID-19 in our school community.

  • The Butte County Public Health Officer has been part of the planning process for schools reopening in the fall. This partnership has made it possible for districts and schools to plan accordingly, including ordering supplies and planning for how to deal with potential exposure.

  • If a child does not feel well and/or begins to show symptoms of COVID-19 it is important for them to share that information and to not attend class

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Student Support for Learning

We will continue to meet individually with students and parents to plan for academic support for students receiving special education services. For students enrolled in the Full-time or Hybrid Models, we plan to provide push-in support for students in challenging academic classes, then one-on-one support for students in the afternoon, either in-person or virtually. We plan to keep students needing additional support in the same class cohort, to align with our goal to minimize contacts. Students enrolled in Independent Study, and all other students receiving special education services will have the opportunity to receive virtual one-on-one support, if needed.
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Mental Health Support

Inspire understands the need for additional mental health, social, and emotional support for students at this time. We plan to continue to provide both in-person and virtual counseling for students. We have two full-time counselors, as well as a full-time school psychologist on staff who are effective in responding to student needs.

This year, we will be training staff in trauma-informed responses to student challenges. In the wake of both the Camp Fire and COVID-19, we know that staff will need to dive deeply into the brain science to help us respond with compassion and care to the needs of students with trauma.

We will also continue outreach to parents through our Community Liaison Team. We will be calling families of students who are having trouble engaging in school, and partnering with you to plan for their success.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we may not be able to answer all of them, we will do our best to address the questions you have about our reopening plan. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions sheet. If you do not see your issue addressed, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Parent Meeting, July 16: Review Inspire's Reopening Plan

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