Water Crisis in South Africa

South Africa has their water being contaminated.

About the contaminations

Schistosomiasis is the disease spreading to many South Africans which is caught from drinking their contaminated water. There are many parasties such as snails in the water which you get from drinking the water they're in and swimming in the water as well. Once the parasites are inside of your body, they lay eggs and many of them begin to live inside of you. This causes anmia and malnutrition.

Bracknell's Building boxes foundation (bbbf)

We are going to help by going to South Africa and building many springboxes where the highest density of population is. We can take all the help we can get and would very much appreciate donations. Springboxes help provide lots of clean water for everyone who needs it. Huge amounts of children and animals are in desperate need of water in South Africa and we are trying to make all of them have no need for it.

About me

I am Will Bracknell and I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the kids in Africa. I want to make a movement program called BBBF. I really think that if I get enough people to be in this foundation, we can really make a difference.