Hebrew & Judaics

גן (Gan) Kindergarten

Weeks of September 7-25

The past several weeks in Hebrew and Judaics

have been jam packed with

lots of learning.

חגים (cha-gim) Holidays

September was a great month for learning all about Judaism's holiest days and holidays.

  • Rosh Hashanah ראש השנה was packed with card making, shofar practice and creation, Hebrew vocabulary, and an explanation of the traditions.
  • During Yom Kippur we engaged in class discussions about what it means to say sorry. The take away was that it is great to say sorry, but it is also important to show you are sorry through your future choices / actions. To let our mistakes go, we did Tashlich using pictures of our mistakes and baby pools. Every child treated the moment as important and special.

New Letter

The letter shin שׁ has become a part of the growing list of letters that we know. שׁ (shin) makes a "sh" sound and can be found in words like שׁלום (Shalom).

Words we learned that start with a שׁ:

Seven Sheh-va שׁבע

Year Sha-nah שׁנה

Shofar Sho-far שׁופר

Song Shir שׁיר

Shalom שׁלום

Shabbat שׁבּת

New Vowels

In addition to our new letter, we have learned 2 new vowels! They are the kamatz and patach . They both make the sound "ah" like Aqua. Or we remember the doctor says "open up and say ah". Now that we know these letters your children can read!! Yay! To read Hebrew you have to take the letter sound and put it with the vowel sound. For example , בּ plus a kamatz or patach = בָּ (bah)