Jancich Camp News

Tuesday, September 19, 2016

Math - Mrs. Jancich

This week we will be finishing up the first topic, Place Value, and test on Tuesday. On Monday, your child should bring home his/her chapter test from the workbook to do as homework. This will have all of the skills assessed on the test.

Our Learning Goals during this chapter have been:

  • I can say and write numbers in work, number, and expanded form
  • I can use place value to compare numbers
  • I can round numbers to the nearest given place value
  • I can explain my answers using what I know about place value

On Wednesday we will begin chapter 2, which is Fluently Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers .

Learning Goals for the end of the week are:

  • I can add and subtract numbers mentally using a variety of methods
  • I can use rounding to estimate sums and differences

Reading and Vocabulary - Mrs. Extin


We continue to focus on learning the procedures and routines of our literacy block. This week we will begin our second story in Journeys, My Brother Martin. Each story has several words that will be a focus of our vocabulary study. Our words for this week will be: captured, dream, encounters, example, injustice, nourishing, numerous, preffered, recall, segregation. We will also be looking at these prefixes and how they can help us figure out the meaning of words: re-, in-

In our story we will look at characteristics of text genres and point of view. At this point of the school year it will take us about two weeks to complete the lessons that go with our story because we are also establishing the routines for our literacy block. Students will know when the reading and vocabulary test is coming because they will be assigned to read the story at home for homework and complete a vocabulary review page. Our learning goals will be:

· I can identify basic characteristics of a text genre.

· I can identify point of view.

Word Work

We are starting this week with a lesson on frequently misspelled words. We are also focusing on short and long vowel sounds. The students will be tested on Friday with a cloze spelling test. They will listen to a story and have to complete the sentences with the correctly spelled word.

We are working on the following words: become, grow, really, yet, less, there, ago, always, study, than, would, draw, course, write, family, try, almost, words, learned, then.

Our learning goals will be:

· I can apply knowledge of long and short vowel sounds when reading and spelling words.

· I can recognize and read commonly & irregularly spelled sight words.

· I can put words in alphabetical order.

Grammar/Writing - Mrs. Jancich

This week we will be looking at and creating sentences with subjects and predicates in the more traditional spots and also in the reversed order, predicate before the subject. We'll also be identifying and fixing sentence fragments.

Another part of our grammar program is correct word usage.

This week we'll study , mane/main, horse/hoarse, tail, tale.

Our Learning Goals are:

  • I can identify complete and simple subjects and predicates in sentences
  • I can identify and fix sentence fragments
  • I can use and identify action verbs

Science- Mrs. Extin

We investigated how many drops of water would fit on the head of a penny. Students worked together with a partner to complete 3-4 trials of the experiment.

Students were surprised to see how many drops would actually fit on the penny! We learned some new vocabulary terms - cohesion and surface tension.

Classroom DoJo

Our Classroom Dojo is up and running and many of you are using it to see how your child is doing with behaviors in the classroom. I use the DoJo only at the end of the day to report how your child has done for the day on the behavior chart. Students can earn between 5 and -2 points a day. If your child earns a point for the day it means he or she was ready to learn, which is great. Above 1 point for the day indicates that your child went above being just ready to learn. Below indicates that your child had to clip down for a behavior infraction or missing work. If it was missing work, it will be highlighted in yellow highlighter in the planner.

Contacting Me

Please contact me via email or phone with personal questions pertaining to your child. My email and phone number are listed at the bottom of this newsletter and will stay there all year. Some have contacted me through the Classroom Dojo and have not gotten a timely response. That is because I do not use the Classroom Dojo as a written parent communication tool. I simply log in at the end of the day and input class behavior points only.

Chrome Book Policy at JM

Now that we have our Chrome books we will be using them daily in class. All students need to have headphones that stay at school. It is important that your child brings their charged Chrome book every day to school. If your child does not have it he/she may not be able to participate in class activities, assessments, and assignments. Your child will NOT be allowed to call home for someone to bring it to school and the office will NOT accept them if they are brought in by a family member. There will be consequences for students when the Chrome book is not charged or it is not brought to school.

  • 1st time - Student will clip down on the behavior chart and receive a warning
  • 2nd time and beyond - Student will clip down on the chart and serve a lunch detention