Warford'd Social Studies 6B

Week 2 Newsletter


  • Complete lessons 6-10
  • Post TWICE on the discussion board (10 post/week)
  • Achieve 100% on Workbooks (Unlimited attempts)
  • Achieve 80% on Checkpoints (Three attempts)
  • Attend ONE live synchronous session (Wednesday @ 11AM)
  • Unit 2 Exam by Friday

Topics Covered:

Ancient Kingdoms

  • Mali & Songhai
  • Early Japan
  • Japanese Culture
  • Japan and the Samurai
  • Feudal Japan

Discussion Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many questions do I have to answer each lesson?

  • You will answer two different questions each lesson from the list provided.

Do I post my responses in the same post?

  • No, you need to respond to each question in a separate post.

Can I respond to other students?

  • Yes, I encourage you to reply to other students and share your thoughts. It is a great way to pick up extra points too.

How many points is each response worth?

  • Each response can earn up to 10 points. Click here to see how the discussion posts are graded.

What can I do to ensure I earn 10 points on every post?

  • It is pretty simple. Always respond with at least three sentences, use proper spelling and grammar, show original thought and answer the question directly and specifically. Most importantly, support your opinions with facts and always tell me why and how not just when and where.


All teachers have a conference to attend 8am-1PM.
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