Kindergarten Connection

December 15, 2020

Welcome to Our School!

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From Mrs. Healey

This is a special edition of the Kindergarten Connection to address items related to our move to our full remote model on December 21st and December 22nd as well as January 4th -8th. As you heard from Dr. Leidy, we are taking extra precautions for the safety of our students and staff as a result of the pandemic coupled with the holiday break leading to possible exposures to the virus. Please note that we will use the same plan for inclement weather days as needed. In addition to this newsletter, you will also hear from your child's teacher with more specific details within the next 24 hours. If you still have any questions, please contact your child's teacher, the Kindergarten Academy office or feel free to email me. It is important that you have all your questions answered before we pivot to our full remote model.

I truly hope that you and your family have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday break. As we begin a new calendar year, I look forward to working with you as we continue to provide a quality education to your child while keeping health and safety at the forefront.

What are the highlights of the full remote/weather model?

In order to keep the Kindergarten Academy in a position to pivot between delivery models, you will note that your child will be assigned to one of the teacher's two instructional blocks each of the four days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. During that block, the teacher will provide lessons and break out room opportunities with the instructional assistant and one of our interventionist so that students can get as much personalized attention on Zoom as possible. Obviously, we need to give the students time to adjust to this format. So, the instructional block will not be used in its entirety and we will be increasing the time of the instructional blocks with each session. Also, on each of these four days, there will be an opportunity for your child to participate in their Fine and Applied Arts classes if your child's class is assigned one of these classes on that cycle day. Your child's teacher will keep you informed of the Fine and Applied Arts schedule. A PDF with all of the zoom links for Art, Music, PE and Library will be sent via Seesaw. In addition to engaging in the instructional block each day, students are expected to complete assigned learning activities related to instruction. Please reference the schedule below for more details.

How will attendance be taken on full remote learning days?

In order for a student to be marked “Present” for the class during synchronous experiences, he/she must:

● Attend the synchronous learning experience AND

● Demonstrate evidence of engagement in the learning activities assigned and connected to the learning

If there are any barriers to participating in any activities, please let the teacher or Mrs. Hiddemen, school counselor, know. We are here to help!

How can I support my child with Kid Writing during our full remote model?

Kid Writing continues to be a powerful teaching strategy that allows our students to apply what they are learning about letters, sounds, writing conventions and story elements. I have attached a short presentation that was sent out in October about how you can support your child during their Kid Writing journal work. We have learned so much since then. Students are now beginning to write more than one sentence about their pictures. They are encouraged to use spaces between words, sound stretch through words on their own and add characters and settings to their stories. When writing with your child, please consider using the philosophy of glows and grows. We like to point out 2 positive things a student has done and give them one "grow" (our brains our growing) or area for improvement. I hope you find the presentation helpful in supporting your child.

Should I still let the school know if my child has been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case?

Should your family come in contact with a positive case, please notify the school. Our school will be fully staffed during our full remote learning model and our nurses will want to follow up with you. Also, please continue to use the health monitoring tool on the district's website as a reference.

If your child is quarantined due to being exposed to a positive case, yet is symptom free, we invite your child to rejoin his/her class remotely.

What are some other helpful hints for making the most of a remote learning experience for my child?

You have already done so much to support our students this year. As we move to the full remote model, there are just a few tips I'd like to share with you that will help foster the growth mindset we have instilled in our students at school. Our culture embraces ideas such as: we learn from mistakes, we use the “power of yet” ( I can’t do it, yet!), and we take on challenges to help our brains grow. Allow your child to make mistakes during class discussions. This helps the teacher adjust their lessons by hearing your child's thinking. Chances are, if your child is thinking the incorrect way, then others are too. We all learn from our mistakes! For the same reasons, it's ok for them to submit inaccurate work so that they may learn through feedback from the teacher. Remind your child of the “Power of Yet” if your child gets discouraged or frustrated. Encourage risk-taking while your child is engaging in challenging work. Through hard work and putting forth great effort, our students will be best prepared for the return to school.

Students need a consistent routine and quiet place to view virtual lessons. Once they have signed in, feel free to let them have some independence with participation. I have attached a loom that illustrates what we teach the students about virtual learning. Feel free to take a few minutes to review it.

Mark Your Calendars! (Attached is the District Calendar for December and January)

December 16

  • Remote Learning Day (no cycle day)

December 17 (Cycle Day 5a)

  • Full Remote Learning Day

December 18 (Cycle Day 5B)

  • Full Remote Learning Day

December 21 (Cycle Day 6a)

  • Full Remote Learning Day

December 22 (Cycle Day 6b)

  • Full Remote Learning Day

January 4 (Cycle Day 1a)

  • Full Remote Learning Day

January 5 (Cycle Day 1b)

  • Full Remote Learning Day

January 6 (No Cycle Day)

  • Wednesday Remote Learning Day

January 7 (Cycle Day 2a)

  • Full Remote Learning Day

January 8 (Cycle Day 2b)

  • Full Remote Learning Day

January 11 (Cycle Day 3a)

  • Return to Increased Face-to-Face Model