Going Google

Volume 2 - Issue 6

Google Inbox Tabs

The new Google inbox offers a great way to filter emails that you might not want cluttering your primary feed. To activate this new feature, go to the gear menu in the upper right corner above your inbox and select “Configure Inbox.” This action will allow you to choose from five different tabs:

  • Primary - This is your main email feed.
  • Social - The tab that will house anything from social networks such as Google+ or Twitter.
  • Promotions - Contains deals, offers, and other marketing materials.
  • Updates - Houses auto-generated updates such as receipts or confirmations.
  • Forums - Messages from online groups and forums will be stored here.

Simply select the tabs you would like and click “Save.” Gmail will then refresh and you will have your brand new inbox!

Here is a tutorial video to help you out:

Google Tabs

Easy way to share a copy of a Google Spreadsheet

Looking for an easy way to share a spreadsheet with your students that they can edit? There is a way to do that with Google spreadsheets. This tip doesn't work with any other document except spreadsheets. By applying “&newcopy” to the end of your spreadsheet link, students are forced to make a copy when they click on the link without any additional instructions. Students will need to be logged into their Google account for this to work.

Steps for creating and sending a copy of a Google spreadsheet to share.

  1. Create the spreadsheet in Google Drive.
  2. Add the information to the spreadsheet.
  3. Change the sharing options to “Anyone with the link” and Save.
  4. Copy the URL to share and paste into a new tab in your browser.
  5. Add “&newcopy” to the end of the link to share (without the quote).
  6. Copy the URL with “&newcopy” added.
  7. Share the link with students by posting on teacher website or mailing to them.
  8. Or use goo.gl URL Shortner or other URL Shortner and shorten the URL with “&newcopy” added and share the shortened URL with students.
  9. When students enter the URL, they will get a prompt to "Make a new copy of the document?"
  10. Students click the “Yes, make a copy.” link.
  11. Try it by clicking on the following link. Remember you need to be logged into your google account. http://goo.gl/xXKuvM

This tip can easily be used to create the following for students:

  • Math Problems
  • Questions over Subject Content
  • Study Guides
  • Notes for class
  • Vocabulary Lists
  • List of web resources
  • Templates for assignments

(Adapted from Tammy Worcester’s Tech Tip of the Week #119)

Adding Easy Bib to Google Chrome

Easy Bib is an awesome online tool that students can use to cite their sources properly. Now, Google has made this process even easier. Students and teachers can both add Easy Bib to their Chrome Dashboard and save their bibliographies.

First, log on to chrome.

Click on your apps, and then the Store.

Search for Easy Bib and click the + Free Button

Click Add, and it will be added to your dashboard.

Once you click on the icon on your dashboard, everyone can sign on to their account using google.

Click Accept, and students can start a new project. When adding sources, they can add books by typing in the ISBN number, add websites by copying and pasting the URL, etc. Once they click “Create Citation” and their source will be properly cited.

Once the bibliography is complete, students can export their complete bibliography to a Google Doc.

Bonus Tip: EasyBib Extension

EasyBib also comes as an extension that will allow users to add citations to their bibliography as they search the internet and will rank the credibility of each website.

Install the extension through the Chrome Store. Once installed, click on the extension icon and log into Easybib with your Google Account. Find a few websites and click on the extension to check the credibility rating and to cite the website straight into the EasyBib Website.

For more information: