DC Staff Update

6 December 2015

I'm grateful this week for...

The hard work, energy and passion you have all put into your work this term. As we head to the end of this coming week, I would like to thank you for all the small, large, one-off, regular and out of the ordinary things you have done over the past 18 weeks. Our students are privileged to have the sorts of experiences you offer to them.

Thank you also to:

  • Those staff involved in organising the Culture Festival. The school has been alive with performances and activities and we still have this coming week to look forward to.
  • Our wonderful Social Club for one of the best Christmas parties ever - great venue, food, drinks and company.

Contract renewals

The last reminder that if you have a contract due for renewal, please call by Helen's office and pick it up. You will need to sign for it. It is important to remember that the contract must be signed and returned to Clement or Mandy by next Friday 11 December. If you do not do this then we assume that you are not taking up the offer for 2016-18.

This week

  • We have a whole school staff meeting at 3.30pm in the staff room tomorrow to farewell Andy. The Social Club will be running a cash bar.
  • December babies (and helpers) celebrate their birthdays on Tuesday at recess.
  • The Discovery Culture Festival continues this week, including the Ensemble Evening on Tuesday.
  • We finish the week with the end-of-term assembly in the Gym starting at 10.20am, and then our staff Christmas turkey lunch in the staff room starting midday Friday.
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