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Student Council Application Forms Wanted!

Anyone interested in Student Council, please visit Ms. Norris in room 217 or Mrs. Huster in room 131 to obtain an application form. All applications must be completed and returned no later than September 25th.

Colleyville MIddle School Fun Fact

The Pit

What is the PIT you ask? No, Colleyville Middle School DID NOT have a giant pit in the hallway that ate the occasional student. Instead the Pit was more like an auditorium. Instead of sitting in chairs, students sat on the long rows of stairs that led down to the stage. Of course, when CMS was remodeled the Pit was filled and evened out. It's now a central part of our school! Any guesses where? The Pit once lay in what is now the Library! (AKA the Colleyville Learning Commons)


Heads up guys! The first CMS social is right around the corner!! It's on Friday October 6th, from 6:00-8:30. With an Indiana Jones theme, this is one adventure you DON'T want to miss.

There's going to be a thirty foot Indiana Jones obstacle course, a Wrecking ball jousting tournament, and a four pod bungee (Google it, it'll ring a bell). The social will be an outside social located near the North gym and have a DJ and a midway!

What's the cost? $10 dollars will get you pizza, a drink, and a candy bar. $20 dollars will get you all pizza, a drink, a candy bar, AND unlimited turns on the activities. Come join the fun!

Football Photos

Pep Rally

Our first CMS pep rally was on Monday September 14th, and we were wondering how many pep rally puns can we put in a paragraph? The new 7th grade cheerleaders soared, while the 8th grade cheerleaders were totally spirited. The Dance Team was en pointe, and 6th grade was V-I-C-T-O-R-I-O-U-S at the VICTORY Cheer. (And the 8th graders have hurt feelings...) The Football guys were brought their A-Game for their cheer. And the teacher relay had us laughing till we fell over....literally. The band was symphonic, as always. And then there was the audience, full of Colt Pride and fun. We can't wait for the next pep rally to come around the corner!!


The PTA event is back! Reflections is an event where you, the student, are given a theme. From there you go where your imagination takes you, creating anything from a painting, sculpture, short story, song, movie, poem, or whatever else you can think of!

This year's theme is Let Your Imagination Fly!

If you're interested applications are in the office! The deadline is November 3rd.

Other Announcements

- Student planners are in the office for $10 dollars each. Keep organized for the school year!

- Colleyville Heritage Home Coming Parade. If you have a club, and you're a student in GCISD, you can be in a parade! It's on October 15th and starts on Gateway Road behind CHHS and goes to Heritage Avenue. For more information go to the office

-Remember! You MUST check the Advisory list. From this point on if you are not where you are supposed to be, you'll have a lunch detention.

Our Contributers

8th Grade: Christina Dove and Fizza Panjawani

7th grade: Maya Joseph, Ami Mangrola, Sarah Halai, Hannah Nagib.

6th: Esther Carolina De La Rosa and Alizay Mohamed

Teacher sponsor: Mrs. David