Horseshoe Crab

Dinosaurs of the Intertidal Zone

High Intertidal Zone

  • High tide - rough waves
  • Low tide - harsh sun
  • Tide pools
  • Shelter
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Wish I could stay here all day...

But this crab gotta eat too and it just so happened to be in the wettest place ever here on earth.
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I got the best of both worlds!

  • If im not feeling this whole air and lungs thing, I simple just get into the water and use my gills . Pretty cool huh ?

  • if I somehow get upside down , I simple flip my telson, or tail and flip back over, or I can use it to steer while im in the water .

I get around by...

  • Using my 8 pedipalps as walking legs .

  • Using my 2 "pusher legs" while taking a swim .

Bon Appetit !

  • Mollusks

  • Annelid Worms

  • Bits of fish

Sadly I don't have jaws, so I have to grind them using my gristles on my legs and a gizzard that contains sand & gravel .

Greatest Enemies..?

  • Sharks

  • Sea Turtles

  • Sea Gulls

  • Humans

20/20 ?

- 10 eyes all together

  • 2 compound eyes on top of shell
  • 2 Simple eyes on either side of shell
  • 6 scattered - 1 on the tail, and 5 on the bottom of body
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Crab Orgy!?!?

  • Spring breaak

  • hundreds piled onto each other

  • 2 - 6 males to 1 female

  • 90,000 eggs fertilized

Carlaya Knox, Period 1