The Federalist Party

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Why you should join the Federalist Party

By joining the Federalist Party, you can show that you support having a strong national government.

We already tried anti-federalism

We gave Anti-Federalism a try with the Articles of Confederation, but it was a complete disaster! The national government was way too weak. It didn't have the power to tax, it couldn't enforce laws, and there was no national court system.

The economy would be horrible if the US was still anti-federalist

With the Articles of Confederation, each state could make its own money; that caused utter chaos. For example, 1 Rhode Island dollar could be equal to 5 New York dollars or 55 Virginia dollars. Even with just 13 states and 13 completely different currencies, this caused major confusion; try to imagine what it would be like now with 50 states!

We need protection

If we don´t have a national military, then who´s going to protect us? If we have a strong national government and a strong national military, we´ll be well protected!

Were any important people federalists?

Yes! There was Alexander Hamilton, who wanted the national bank, James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution", John Jay, and John Adams.