January 29, 2016

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Augmented Reality -Science

DAQRI Augmented Reality

K12 Launches Foundation for Blended and Online Learning

K12 has launched The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning, an independent charitable organization designed to advance online and blended learning opportunities and outcomes.
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Digital Learning Day-February 17th

On-line Resources-We know that our collection of digital tools and lesson plans are only a tiny fraction of the free classroom and program resources available to educators. These websites will help you search thousands of free tools and ideas by grade-level, teacher ratings, and more!

Lesson Plans

K'Nex Digital Learning Day Video

10 Ways Teachers Can Inspire a Generation of Innovators:

10 Ways Teachers Can Inspire a Generation of Innovators

Nice read by AJ Juliani (#4 in a series of 4). One of the questions he poses is How can we shape our learning activities and assessments to match what the world actually looks like right now?”

Professional Development


Summer opportunity

An exciting new opportunity for North Carolina middle and high school social studies, world language, and English language arts teachers called the African Diaspora Fellows Program (ADFP). ADFP offers professional development about the histories, politics, and cultures of African, Afro-Latin American, and African American communities to teachers.

Applications are due by Feb. 15!

Personal Learning Networks

Teacher to Teacher Conference at UNCC


Stanford Runs Free On-line Course for Science Teachers on Helping Students Read

Next week a new massive open online course will begin for K-12 science teachers who want to learn how to help their students read and understand scientific texts. The course, delivered by Stanford University faculty, is free to participants. Four course sessions will run for 12 weeks and will deliver the equivalent of about 20 hours of professional development. The MOOC begins on January 13 and will be hosted on the NovoEd platform.

"Reading To Learn in Science" is being taught by Jonathan Osborne, a professor of science education in Stanford's Graduate School of Education.

Opportunity For Students

Future Engineers Camp

For MS: Future Engineers Camps: We are excited to announce that our applications & teacher recommendations are "live" on our website (please see the address below).This is the 7th year of Future Engineer Camps for students in Western North Carolina. Click here for the Flyer to distribute to the teachers and the principals "for Students'.

Competition Seeks Top Young Scientist

The annual quest for America's best young scientists is underway. Discovery Education and 3M have opened the latest competition, a multi-stage event intended to identify the "top" young scientist.
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mISSion imaginaTIon Challenges Students To Solve Space Travel Problems

The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) and Texas Instrumentsare asking middle and high school students in the United States for help with space-related challenges.

mISSion imaginaTIon is a contest in which student teams will be asked to solve challenges that NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko currently face as they participate in their year-long mission aboard the International Space Station.

Food For Thought

Inspiring the Next Gen of Tech Workers

It has been called "America's persistent problem": not enough skilled workers to fill millions of job openings. The high-tech sector in particular has complained for years about the country's shallow pool of tech talent

Survey: Teachers Say Tech Distractions More Concerning than Privacy, Security

Most teachers in the United States are more worried about the potential for technology in the classroom to distract students than they are about privacy and security, according to a new survey from Instructure (Canvas). Respondents also said, however, that they are optimistic about technology's potential to improve learning outcomes, increase access to education and boost the efficiency with which it's delivered.

Just for Fun

Words That Should Be Banned From the Queen's English For Mis-use, Over-use And General Uselessness

Lake Superior State University, located in Michigan, has released it's 41st annual Banned Words List 2016 PowerPoint
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Calendar Reminders

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