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An interview with a Patriot

Reporter: Bob

Patriot: Patriot Paul

What do you think on The Boston tea party? "I think that the British deserved it because they were taxing us for things that are unfair. I heard that the Mohawk Native Americans decided they had enough of it and wanted to stop it!"

What do you think on taxation "I believe Just like everyone else in the colonies that taxation should be no more."

Why do you believe that? "Because we are being taxed for somethings that should be free and we do not even drink tea."

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An interview with a Loyalist

Reporter: Bob

Loyalist: Loyalist Loyd

What do you think on the Boston tea party?" I think it is an outrage that they threw our tea over board."

What do you think on taxation. " I think that the colonist deserve that have taxation in the colonies."

Why do you believe that? " Because maybe taxes would teach them a lesson and gives us money to help support the King."

Declaration of Independence Importance

The Declaration of Independence is what lets us be american citizens without it we would still belong to the British and still be paying taxes for tea. Without it we wouldn't be are own country and wouldn't have the laws we have.

The Declaration of Independence gives us freedom! We don't have to give our money to the tyrant King George!

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Advice Colum

Dear Advice Column,

The crazy King is taxing me and my family! What would you do if a crazy King was taxing you?


Patriot Peter

Dear Patriot Peter,

If you don't like taxation then you should : Stay away from any events that you could get hurt at.

If you do like taxation : Then tell the redcoats if you see anything.

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