Australian's At War.

World War II

Thai-Burma Railway

The Thai–Burma railway was built in 1942–43 to supply the Japanese forces in Burma.

using the large workforce of Allied POWs now at their disposal, Over 12 000 Allied prisoners died during the construction of the railway.

Despite being repeatedly bombed by the Allies, the Thai–Burma railway did operate

Wartime Government Controls

Australian Government to invoke compulsory clauses of the defence act and to control areas this it was not bale to control under the existing constitution.

new rationing regulations were imposed on Australian men, women and children to cope with the huge demands.

The Australian Government also introduced a national savings campaign to raise the enormous sums of money necessary to fund the war.

Kokoda Track

Kokoda Is a track in papa new Guinea That was fought on by the Australian's and papuan allies Against the Japanese Forces

The Japanese Had an objective {Porn Moresby} that the Australian's Didn't want to lose because if they did Australia would have been Invaded by the Japanese.

Anzac's During the battle for Kokoda showed that they are relentless and Wont give up until They are dead

Prisoner's Of War.

Over 22,000 Australians became prisoners of war of the Japanese in south-east Asia.

Most of the Australian prisoners of war were captured in Singapore.

In war camps There was a scarcity of food, Lack of shelter, Dirty water and diseases.