Westside Middle School

August 28, 2020

Thank you so much for being flexible and understanding these past two days when we had to cancel in person learning due to not having AC. We were not expecting that curveball!

Starting Thursday, September 3rd, we will be moving to 50% of our students learning in person. So what does that mean for your student? Your student will now be coming to school 2 days a week. This will begin on Thursday, September 3rd.

Thursday & Friday = Students with last name beginning with L-Z

Monday & Tuesday = Students with the last name beginning with A-K

If you are learning at home, please make sure your student is checking their email and Google classroom for activities and lessons they need to complete. Please have them contact their teacher through email if they are having issues with their Google Classroom. Remember all students that are learning at home need to log onto Webex for their SPARK every day but Wednesday. If students are having issues accessing the WebEx link through their email, please have them use the link in their Google Calendar Invite. We will continue to work though technical issues.

Kim Eymann - Principal



Brian Stevens - Assistant Principal (He will handle all questions on Busing)

Dean for 8A & 7C



Jenni Allen - Assistant Principal & Special Services Department Chair



Dan Carlson - Dean & Athletic Director

Dean for 7A, 7B, & 8B



Corrie Philo - Dean for 7D, 8C, & 8D



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Powerschool Help

PowerSchool Parent/Guardian Access

If you are a parent/guardian of a student who is new to the district and you need first time access to PowerSchool, please email powerschool.support@westside66.net.

Likewise, if you are a parent/guardian of a returning student and you need to get your username and password for PowerSchool, please email powerschool.support@westside66.net

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Warrior Time

Warrior Time is a flex period at the end of the school day that students and teachers use for intervention/enrichment throughout the school year.

When students are in-person, they are going to be assigned to one of their teachers each day for Warrior Time. Students are requested by teachers and then sent a daily email in the morning from "Edficiency" giving students information on which teacher they will have for Warrior Time. Warrior Time is from 2:47 to 3:15 on each week day except Wednesday.

Students who are participating in Extended Campus Learning (EC) will not receive a Warrior Time time email notification unless they are specifically requested by a teacher to work with them from 2:47 to 3:15. If a student does receive an email from Edficiency, there will be instructions for a WebEx link in the email that the student can use to join the Warrior Time session.

If a student wants to join a teacher's Warrior Time to get extra help, they can email the teacher and request to be in their Warrior Time.

Expectations for Learning at Home

Daily responsibilities:

  • Complete assignments and lessons for each class as they are listed on the student schedule just as if they were in school.

  • Log in to the Google classroom daily to access videos, learning activities (assignments), and feedback.

    • Teachers will send out Google Classroom Invites through email.

  • Turn in assignments according to teacher-assigned due dates

  • Log into WebEx during Spark/Homeroom on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

    • Spark Teacher will send out a WebEx link based on your team’s spark time (see below)

    • First Spark WebEx meeting will take place on Thursday, August 27th.

    • Attendance will be taken

      • (8A and 8D) SPARK 11:25-11:55

      • (8B and 8C) SPARK 10:55-11:25

      • (7A and 7C) SPARK 12:48-1:18

      • (7B and 7D) SPARK 12:18-12:48

  • Check school email daily and respond appropriately

Helpful Hints:

  • Establish a space in the home to focus on and complete assignments

  • Set an alarm for any scheduled WebEx meetings so you don’t miss them.

  • Establish a safe space in the home to safely secure the school-issued device when not in use.

  • Email the teacher when there are questions or concerns

    • Teachers will work with students before and after school. There will also be opportunities for students to log in to WebEx during Warrior Time.

  • It is suggested to try to follow your daily schedule as you are completing your school work. (If you have math 1st period, try to work on math during the 1st period time frame)

    • The bell schedule is posted below for you to follow while at home.

7th Grade Bell Schedule

Pd 1: 8:00-8:40

Pd 2: 8:43-9:23

Pd 3: 9:26-10:06

Pd 4: 10:09-10:49

Pd 5: (7th) 10:52-11:32

Pd 6: (7th) 11:35-12:15

Spark/Lunch: 12:18-1:18

Pd 8: 1:21-2:01

Pd 9: 2:04-2:44

WarriorTime 2:47-3:15

8th Grade Bell Schedule

Pd 1: 8:00-8:43

Pd 2: 8:46-9:26

Pd 3: 9:29-10:09

Pd 4: 10:12-10:52

Spark/Lunch 10:55-11:55

Pd 6: (8th) 11:58-12:38

Pd 7: (8th) 12:41-1:21

Pd 8: 1:24-2:04

Pd 9: 2:07-2:47

WarriorTime 2:50-3:15

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Google Classroom

At WMS, all staff will be using Google Classroom as their Learning Management System (LMS). All assignments will be assigned and turned in through each teacher's google classroom. Teachers will be sending out invites to parents so you are able to access materials. If you need help with google classroom please click on this link for tutorials. https://area66.westside66.org/home/parent-resources-for-digital-learning/
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WMS uses TAGG (Together A Greater Good) to raise money for our PBIS Warrior Buck Store and Team Awards. It is free and easy to use. All you have to do is download the app and select Westside Middle School, and the business that you purchased from will donate money to us. A flyer is attached.
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Parents must call into the attendance secretary, Ms. Hilt, if your student is ill or not able to attend/participate in school that day. This is necessary no matter if the student physically attends school or is an extended campus learner. Please make sure this is done by 9:00 AM.

The attendance number is 402-408-8649 or 402-390-6464

If your student is experiencing any of the following symptoms please do not come to school.

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Please note, we will not be honoring perfect attendance this year as we need students to stay home when they are not feeling well.

Attached below is a Parent COVID Safety Tip Sheet.

After School Library!

Westside Middle School offers after school library hours. This opportunity allows students to have a quiet work space to complete homework after school with adult supervision. It will begin on Monday, August 24 and will be located in the Cafeteria to allow for social distancing.

After School Library hours are as follows (please note it will not be available on Wednesdays):

Monday - 3:15-5:00

Tuesday - 3:15-5:00

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 3:15-5:00

Friday 3:15-5:00

In order to supervise and track student attendance accurately, we are asking parents/guardians to fill out the registration found at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejPAqoVoG1qGNlFaPqbvb20XCaLlWwSQbT1fVGgHh8kRlYYg/viewform. Each student needs to be signed up in advance.

Corrie Philo