Owl Notes

April 18


* MAY is upon us. Where did the time go this year? This is the last push to the end. With STAAR being later, we cannot relax yet. April 23 leaves us with JUST 23 days! While that excites me a little, it panics me even more! So much to do in a few short days!!!

* FACULTY MEETING - Please make sure you are at the faculty meeting on Monday. Kara will do safety and security training for STAAR.

* STAAR TRAINING - Kara invited you to STAAR training on Wednesday for those who need to attend. Please do your best to be in attendance for this training. STAR manuals are in your mailbox IF Kara had it. If not, you need to find it so that you can bring it to the meeting on Wednesday for training.

* SECOND GRADE PROGRAM - Will be on Thursday, May 2. 4th and Kinder will attend at 9:00 and 1st and 3rd will attend at 2:00. Parents are invited to attend the evening performance at 6:30.

* DR. PHILLIPS VISIT - Dr. Phillips will be here on Tuesday, April 30 around 12:30 for her campus visit. We will be walking classrooms and talking to students and seeing what great things you are doing!

* EXPLORETORIUM - Thank you so much for everyone who made the night a success!

* OUTDOOR CLASSROOM - I am in need of a group of interested folks to work on putting together fundraisers to help us reach our goal to build an outdoor classroom in memory of Mr. Wardrup. If you are willing to work hard and serve on this extra committee, please email me.

* STAAR - Please help us remind parents of all ages that we are a closed campus for STAAR testing the week of May 13. We will close the campus for Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday of that week. Monday and Tuesday for testing and Wednesday for make ups. If parents want to come for lunch that week, they need to come Thursday or Friday.

* RECESS - We need to be diligently monitoring recess from now till the end of the year. We are already seeing an increase in physical behaviors where students are getting hurt by each other. Make sure you have at least 4 teachers outside and that you each take a duty station to monitor.

* TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK - Is the week of May 6. PTO is providing lunch on Thursday, May 9.

* NURSE APPRECIATION WEEK - Is the same week as Teacher Appreciation.

* GUIDED READING LIBRARY - STAAR has arrived so the bookroom is now open only when Rachel, Kara or myself are in there. If you need in for books, please do not hesitate to find us!

* INTRA/INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERS - Intradistrict/interdistrict transfer requests for next school year are now available. If your child is in attendance here on a transfer, please go ahead and take of submitting one for next year. BOARD VOTED AND CHANGED THE DEADLINE DATE TO MAY 1 FROM JULY 1.


Karen Boren - for doing all the work to organize our field trip. - Missy

2nd grade - Thanks for switching specials times with us on our field trip day. - third grade

Rachel Miller and Angel Gomez - For taking on ExplOREtorium night and making it such a success! You guys did great work!!

ExplOREtorium Volunteers - Thank you so much for helping with this evening! - Rachel

Angel and Elsy - thank you for helping me set up and take down for ExplOREtorium night. - Rachel

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


29 - Faculty Meeting

30 - Kim Dooley and Tami Miller's birthday, Dr. Phillips campus visit


1 - Principals' Day

2 - Second grade program

6 - Team Leader

6-10 - Teacher Appreciation Week

8 - Samantha Hier's brithday

9 - Teacher Appreciate Luncheon

9 - TOY/HOY/RISING STAR reception

10 - Muffins with Mom

11 - Rachel Miller's birthday

13 - STAAR Math

14 - STAAR Reading

15 - Chanda Hernandez's birthday

15 - SOURCE meeting

16 - Second grade math benchmark

19 - Jeff Dye's brthday

20 - Faculty Meeting

21 - Fourth grade to War Eagle Challenge

22 - Principals' Meeting/5th grade math placement test

24 - Fun Day

26 - Erin Ryan's birthday

27 - Memorial Day Holiday/Jeanie Wyatt's birthday

28 - Kinder Graduation/ORHS graduation

29 - Fourth grade graduation

30 - Last day of school/early dismissal

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