Never Trust a Snicker

Hunter Warrick

One sunny summer day. Timothy the lion was laying in his nice shady cave, when Blu the bird came along. Timothy walked over to the bird.

"Why, hello I wouldn't suppose you would want to come in for a drink of tea," Timothy snickered.

"Thank you! Why, I would love to come in for some tea!" Blu said.

Timothy and Blu walked in the cave. Timothy walked over to his stove and put a pot of tea on the stove. Timothy was about ten times bigger than Blu. Timothy and Blu went over to the table to sit down.

"Were are you off to on this sunny day?" Timothy asked Blu.

"Well the thing is I don't really have any where to stay, so I was hoping someone would let me stay for the night." Blu told Timothy.

"You can stay as long as you want" Timothy snickered with a grin on his face.

"Thank you so much!" Blu said happily.

Timothy showed Blu his room. Blu snuggled up in his blankets and went asleep. Timothy checked to make sure Blu was asleep. Then Timothy gulped Blu up in one bite. Timothy burped and then went to sleep. The next Morning when Timothy woke up he felt dizzy, then all of the sudden out came Blu! Blu flew out of his cave and went on his way to find a nest. The End.